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Our Mission

Letting every child of God know that their life is precious, they won't be easily dismissed, and they can "jream", create, learn, love, journey, excel, write, and live a life full of joy and POSITIVE purpose...

What we care about...

We believe in working hand-in-hand with our community partners eliminating  domestic abuse (and its linked co-morbidities) is a very tangible reality.

We strive to be a reflection of God's love by helping the needy and vulnerable; seeking to help improve the lives of disadvantaged youth, children and families in our local and global communities by spearheading programs and initiatives that promote wellness of the mind, body, spirit, soul, family and community.

We believe in the importance of being global citizens and do our part to help address/eliminate social ills linked to domestic abuse; poverty, hunger, homelessness, joblessness, juvenile delinquency, depression and suicide. If one person is hungry, homeless, impoverished, suicidal or abused, we as a society are responsible to facilite opportunities for help.

We believe creative-arts-education-therapies and safe, creative enviroments are the foundations for life saving programs; programs that can provide a positive expressive outlet and escape from ill thoughts and negative behavior patterns that can often lead to violence, bullying, domestic abuse, substance abuse, miscreant exhibitions, depression, anxiety, feelings of hopeless and suicidal ideations.

To learn more, please email us:  info@tjygcpinc.org.  We'd love to hear from you.